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My Flower Star Square and Bags

My Bright Colours Flower Star Square Bag:

The Flower Star Square is actually my design. It was my first attempt to design a crochet granny square and it happened just by chance :)

After making the Parterre Garden Square, there was still a little time to go before Granny Square Day 2018. I was messing around with yarn and a hook and decided to see what it would be like to extend a little square I had designed for the pocket of my Child's Small Bag With Pocket pattern.
And the square just carried on extending... It was no longer just a flower. Now it had rays like starlight.

I tidied the square up. Made it for Granny Square Day and posted it to Instagram.
And then I thought: 'why not make a pattern before I forget how I made it?'
So I did....

My first Flower Star Square:

The rest is history.
I made more squares in different yarns and hook sizes to test it out. Then I published the free pattern to Ravelry.

My first Bright Colours Square:

My first Flower Star Squares in Aran Yarn:

And then I decided to make some crochet bags from my squares.

Large Shoulder Bag in Aran made with The Flower Star Square:

I made several bags, large and medium-sized depending on yarn.
The bag at the top of this post is my personal favourite flower Star Bag - it's the Bright Colours one. I love working with bright colours :)

Here are links to more of my project Flower star Squares and Bags on Ravelry:

Flower Star Square Shoulder Bag in Aran

Bright Colours Flower Star Square Bag

Flower Star Square in Aran

It would be great to design another crochet square and one day I will. But I'm thinking that it will happen when the time is right. Just like it was with the Flower Star Square :)


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